1st International Syrah Symposium

This two-day conference have bring together a range of widely recognised scientific and technical experts. In front of an audience of wine professionals, this will be an opportunity to review current knowledge and future outlooks for Syrah.

This event will focus on two main topics:

  • Tuesday 13 May - Knowledge of Syrah Grape Growing and Winemaking
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  • Wednesday 14 May - Syrah Marketing: Innovations and Future Outlook
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 A Solid Success: An International Audience Gathers to Discuss Syrah

On 13 and 14 May, the city of Lyon was host to the 1st International Syrah Symposium co-organised by Forum Œnologie and ISARA-Lyon, with Inter Rhône and the Revue des Œnologues as major partners.

Over the course of two days, the International Syrah Symposium brought together a large audience to discuss and learn about Syrah, one of the ten most widely grown grape varieties worldwide. A range of scientific and industry experts stepped up to the lectern and gave an overview of knowledge about Syrah and the future outlook for this variety. In all, 230 wine industry representatives from 10 countries attended the symposium. In addition, more than 1 000 Internet connections were recorded during the two days of webcasts. On several occasions, there were peaks of up to 200 connections at one time.

Universities, wineries, research centres, technicians and scientists from all over the world were not wrong: this inaugural symposium was an excellent occasion to share knowledge with international experts: Australia, USA/California, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland and other countries.

This inaugural symposium was a real success. It fully met the expectations of its organisers, and it also helped to establish relationships between academic experts and Syrah growers/winemakers.

The next International Syrah Symposium will be held in 2010 and will also be the occasion for the presentation of the Claude Valat Award for the best scientific and technical contributions to knowledge about Syrah.

The Proceedings of the International Syrah Symposium 2008 are now available. You can order them on the web site www.oeno.tm.fr 

Symposium Goals

  • To give an overview of the current situation and future outlook for Syrah: viticulture, oenology and marketing.
  • To foster meetings, discussions and long-term relationships between experts and practitioners.
  • To create an international gatekeeping body for scientific, technical and marketing developments related to Syrah.
  • To enable experts and practitioners to meet and talk with each other.



Vineyard managers, winemakers, technicians, oenologists, production managers and advisors, large wineries, négociants, researchers, sales and marketing staff, wine…

 Organised by

Forum Œnologie

Isara Lyon

The Proceedings of the International Syrah Symposium 2008


The Proceedings of the International Syrah Symposium 2008 are now available.

You can order them on the website www.oeno.tm.fr 
Proceedings in French and in English
170 pages 
France 80 euros ttc (Taxes and shipping included)
Other countries 95 euros ttc (Taxes and shipping included)

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Organised by Forum Œnologie and ISARA-Lyon, along with main sponsors Inter Rhône and the Revue des Œnologues, ISS will be held in the heart of Lyon's biotech hub. It will make use of the modern facilities at ISARA, an agricultural and food engineering school: videoconferencing, multiplexing and simultaneous translation, in order to present speakers from all over the world.

This conference will also enjoy an international audience, thanks to publication of the proceedings by the journal Revue des Œnologues and on the Web site, www.syrah.symposium.tv

Syrah du Monde

On 15 and 16 May 2008, the second international confrontation of the world's best Syrahs will be held at Château d’Ampuis. Syrah du Monde® occupies a special place amongst international wine competitions, thanks to quality standards that go well beyond the norm. Its ambition is to showcase the high quality of Syrah wines from around the world by annually awarding medals that are reliable and thus representative. For the first competition in 2007, 325 wines were entered from 17 countries.