Antonio Seccia

Professor - University of Bari (Italy).

Antonio Seccia is Associate Professor at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Policy, Evaluation and Rural Planning of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bari, Italy.

He teaches courses on “Institutions of Economics and Policy of Agro-food System”, “Economics and Management of Food Firm” and Marketing and distribution of food products; Management in agribusiness; Innovation in food sectors; Relationships in the supply chain management; Wine marketing.
His research activity focuses on: Economics of food markets: Mechanisms of vertical integration and cooperation; Food Policy; International trade of food products; Food Sectors; Food Marketing; Quality certification of agro-food products; UE Policy.

In wine Sector his main scientific publications are about: Effects of Political-Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization on Exports of Italian Quality Wines; Competitive Determinants of Winegrowers in Puglia Region; Analysis of Italian High Quality Wine Exports; Wine-Growing producing Systems in Puglia; Wine in Distribution Chains; Consumption of Wine in Italy: Demand Analysis at Household Level Using A.I.D.S on Home-scan Panel Data; Labeling effects on the wine price; application of choice modeling for understanding Italian consumers’ attitude towards labeled information; Communication strategies and economic efficiency in wineries.

He is member of SIDEA (Società Italiana di Economia Agraria), SIEA (Società Italiana di Economia AgroAlimentare), EAAE (European Association of Agricultural Economists) and IAAE (International Association of Agricultural Economists).

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