List of Speakers and Presenters


Presenter of the 13 and 14 may 2008

Joël Payne
Chief Editor of the Wine Business International
Chairman of the FIJEV

Joëlle Brouard
ESC Dijon (France)
Ulrich Orth
University of Oregon (USA)
Véronique Cheynier
Research Director
Oenology Department (UMR Sciences pour l’Œnologie)
INRA Montpellier SupAgro (France)
Alan Pollnitz
Research Chemist
AWRI (Australie)
Gilbert Garrier
Professor Emeritus
University of Lyon II (France)
Jérôme Quiot
Université du Vin (France)
Christophe Gerland
Microbial Engineer and Oenologist
Intelli'oeno (France)
Alain Razungles
Oenology Department (UMR Sciences pour l’Œnologie)
INRA Montpellier SupAgro (France)
Michel Guglielmi
ISARA-Lyon (France)
Bernard Seguin
Agroclim Unit director 
INRA Avignon (France)
Mission sur le changement climatique et l’effet de serre
Carole Meredith
Professor Emeritus
UC Davis (California, USA)
Anne Sophie Renault-Spilmont
Research Engineer, Syrah Decline
ITV, ENTAV (France)
Antonio Seccia
University of Bari (Italy)
Stéphane Vidal
Ph.D., Biochemistry
Wine Research Manager Nomacorc SA
Hernàn Ojeda
Viticultural Research Engineer, Eco-Physiology - Grape Quality
INRA Unité expérimentale de Pech Rouge (France)
Patrick Vuchot
Responsable Etudes et vinifications
Inter-Rhône (France)
Catherine Pivot
Université Lyon III (France)
Amé de Saint Charles
Gérant OenoProd (France)
Hervé Henrotte
Service des Vins et spiritueux
UBI France (France)
Jean-Philippe Perrouty
Senior Research Manager
Wine Intelligence Ltd (Angleterre) 
Alexandre Truffer
Rédacteur en Chef
Roman du Vin (Suisse)
François d'Hauteville
Professeur, chef du département SESG
Sciences Economiques, Sociales et de Gestion
Montpellier SupAgro et à l'IHEV (France)
Julie Campos
Cave de Tain-l'Hermitage (France)
Nathan Waks
Kilikanoon Wines CEO (Australie)
Cheryl Quist
Executive Director
Rhone Rangers, Californie (USA)
Giuliano Elias Pereira
Researcher - Enology
Embrapa Grape and Wine/Semi-Arid (Brazil).
Jacques Grange
Maison Delas (France)
Nigel Blieeschke
Nursery Manager / Viticulturist
Yalumba Nursery (South Australia) 
Kate Lattey
Sensory Analyst
Orlando Wine (Australie)
Tracey Siebert
Research Chemist
AWRI (Australie)
Luís Henrique Bassoi
Researcher - Physics / irrigation water management
Embrapa Grape and Wine/Semi-Arid (Brazil)
Michel Sérieys
Teacher researcher to ISARA-Lyon is Responsible of the apprenticeship wine engineer. (France)
Mark Battany
Viticulture/Soils Farm Advisor
University of California Cooperative Extension - UC Davis (USA)
Carlos Riquelme
Vineyards Department Manager
Bodegas Chandon (Argentine)
Carlos Tizio
General Manager Clos de los Siete (Argentina)

We thank for their contribution to the realization for video testimonys:
- the University of California Cooperative Extension (UC Davis, USA), Mark Battany (Viticulture/Soils Farm Advisor )
- the University of Maza ( Argentina), Aurelio Sesto ( Dean of the Faculty of Enology), Ángel Puenteguerra (Dean of the Faculty of Journalism). Marcelo Piatti (Shooting), Jessica Nielsen (Journalist), Sergio Aloisio (Consultingapm).
- The Embrapa Grape and Wine/Semi-Arid (Brazil), Giuliano Elias Pereira (Researcher - Enology), Luís Henrique Bassoi
(Researcher - Physics / irrigation water management) 

 Organised by

Forum Œnologie

Isara Lyon

The Proceedings of the International Syrah Symposium 2008


The Proceedings of the International Syrah Symposium 2008 are now available.

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Organised by Forum Œnologie and ISARA-Lyon, along with main sponsors Inter Rhône and the Revue des Œnologues, ISS will be held in the heart of Lyon's biotech hub. It will make use of the modern facilities at ISARA, an agricultural and food engineering school: videoconferencing, multiplexing and simultaneous translation, in order to present speakers from all over the world.

This conference will also enjoy an international audience, thanks to publication of the proceedings by the journal Revue des Œnologues and on the Web site,